(by Andrew Darlow)

GENERAL INKJET INFORMATION/TARGETS - Many drivers/downloads - Click on Paper/Media for a full list. - Harald Johnson's comprehensive digital output news and information site - it complements his excellent book, Mastering Digital Printing(see book links below). - Excellent Photodisk test chart for download. - Andrew Rodney's excellent site with a lot of color management info.
& - Ian Lyon's excellent tutorial on OS9 and OSX calibration info and his overall site. - Considered by most to be the best resource for independant longevity testing for a wide range of different print processes, especially with regard to inkjet printing.

GENERAL MACINTOSH INFORMATION & PERIODICALS (OS9 & OSX) & A lot of Mac-related news and info. - Excellent reports of problems and solutions from dedicated users. - Excellent magazine for Mac users(great reviews) & nice site. - Another excellent magazine for Mac users (also great reviews) - The resource for software updates and hard-to-find freeware/shareware

MAC OSX INFORMATION - A plethora of freeware/shareware for OSX. a lot of OSX info and news. The home site for Inside Mac Radio and TV, an excellent Mac Podcast. The home site for The Typical Mac User Podcast, another excellent Mac Podcast. The home site for The MacCast, yet another excellent Mac Podcast.


"Mastering Digital Printing 2nd Edition" by Harald Johnson: Excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about the many facets of digital output, including history, important terms & concepts, and step-by-step real world instruction, written in a clear and well organized way. The 2nd Edition has a lot of updated and new content.

"Digital Printing Start-Up Guide" also by Harald Johnson: I would consider this book a "light" version of "Mastering Digital Printing 2nd Edition." There is still a lot of excellent content for all levels of users, though I would recommend Mastering Digital Printing 2nd Edition for most people due to the small difference in price.

"Photoshop Restoration & Retouching, Third Edition" by Katrin Eisman and Wayne Palmer. This is the third edition of a great book by a wonderful teacher and retoucher. I haven't seen the third edition yet, but I have the first and second, and look forward to the publication of this update. In her previous editions, Katrin covers the use of adjustment layers and other tools for improving a wide range of imagery, whether old, damaged and faded, or just in need of a little digital TLC. The first two editions are very well presented, and Katrin's companion site, has downloadable files and added instruction for owners of her books.

"Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing, 2nd Edition" by Dan Burkholder : A great book for anyone interested in exploring the world of alternative processes, like Platinum printing and Cyanotype, exposed through modern-day, digitally created negatives. Dan's methods are very unique and detailed, and his site,, is a great resource as well.

"Professional Photoshop" by Dan Margulis : Many consider Dan's book the industry standard for color correction, especially with regard to preparing files for CMYK output. Dan's writing is very witty, and he truly understands how to get the most from less than stellar originals. Intermediate to advanced Photoshop users will benefit most from it in my opinion.

"Adobe Photoshop Master Class" by John Paul Caponigro : Another well written and very deep book on Photoshop, but from a fine-art perspective.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY INFORMATION Website for Digital Imaging Techniques magazine, as well as another magazine geared toward the professional photographer: Studio Photography & Design. There are always a number of articles on the site–just click on the different covers, and also search the archives for past articles. - Excellent Website. Great side by side camera reviews. - Excellent Website (good reviews & tutorials) - Another excellent site, filled with in-depth reviews of digital cameras, printers, software and much more. - From the folks at This site features very scientific lens tests and reviews of DSLRs, with an emphasis on participation from forum members.

PHOTOSHOP TIPS & INFORMATION/MAGS - Many downloadable tips and Quicktime movies. Be sure to click on the "more tips" link for many hidden Quicktime movies. - Many articles to choose from on many different topics

VENDORS OF EQUIPMENT & SERVICES - Vendor of many hi-end hardware and software options, with showrooms in New York City and Westchester, NY. - Maker of the popular Spyder2 Pro and many other profiling options. - Maker of the Eye-One Spectrophotometer and high-end profiling tools. - One of the largest and most respected retailers in the world for photo and electronics equipment - Another large, well-rated retailer in NYC